WCW: Swimmer Alia Atkinson Manages to Make History TWICE In Just 1.02 MINUTES!

Jamaican swimmer Alia Atkinson has spent her 25 years of life loving swimming and being in the water. That all culminated this past Saturday when she managed to make history twice in just over ONE MINUTE, breaking the former world record for the 100m breaststroke AND becoming the first black swimmer to hold a world title in the pool.

Seen by all as set to take second place, Atkinson managed to find her last minute wind to surge past world title holder Ruta Meilutyte to claim her victory. As is evident on her face, she didn’t see it coming at all until she looked up at the board and saw the results.

This also marks Jamaica’s first gold in swimming AND proof that you can become an Olympic swimmer without having to sacrifice your edges to Satan.

We wish her the best in the 2016 Olympics, where we’re sure she will be doing big things!