Weight Watchers Wins Big With New Endorsement Deal

A few months ago, everyone’s favorite talk show host, Oprah, announced an upcoming 5-year partnership deal with Weight Watchers International.

The queen of daytime has just received a payday to the tune of $43.2 million and a 10% stake in the company in exchange for joining it’s 10-member board. This decision seems to be mutually beneficial, as last week marked a 30% increase in revenue for the company after the Christmas Eve debut of her commercial for them, with the advertising campaign, “Let’s do this together.”

She has blessed the company with the right to use her image, likeness and name. The partnership is part of Weight Watchers plan to expand past being just a weight loss company to more of a “healthy lifestyle company”. Who better to serve as the face of this endeavor than the¬†woman who has the power to make MILLIONS purchase whatever she says with little to no effort.

Just goes to show you the value of black influence when we harness our own power!

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