Welcome to the Career Section!

Searching for a job sucks. You send out your resume to hundreds of jobs, spend 30 minutes completing each application, drive an hour to meet them at their office and even send a beautiful thank you note, just to receive a generic, “We are going with other candidates” email – or even worse – no response at all.

We may have been sold a dream of going to college and magically landing a dream job, but we are now facing the stark reality that all jobs, even entry-level, require 10 years of experience, don’t pay what we’d like AND Sallie Mae doesn’t care and expects her payments on time…every month.

This section of the site will have tips on how to master the job-hunting process, including resume writing, company research, salary negotiation and more, including relocating for work.

Stay tuned for great tips on how to land your dream job, switch career paths and get the salary you DESERVE!

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