Which HBCU’s Graduates Have the Highest Starting Salaries?

hbcuAs college tuition, an often touted “necessary evil” in the minds of many new graduates, continues to soar, it’s only right that individuals begin to weigh the pros and cons of it against each other. Many young professionals (including myself) will state that although their current position requires no skills or lessons learned during their years in college, the distinction of a Bachelor’s Degree, coupled with the prestige of their university has been the reason they may have been picked over other candidates for the same position.

HBCUs, a staple among the black community as a way to receive your education while bonding with fellow like minded African Americans, often offer lower tuitions than other “mainstream” institutions, are these lower costs indicative of less preparation for students entering the real world?

The top 10 HBCUs by starting salary are as follows:

1. Prarie View A&M University – $49,300

2. Bowie State University – $46,400

3. Hampton University – $46,300

4. Tuskegee University – $44,700

5. Morehouse College – $44,200

6. Xavier University of Louisiana – $42,300

7. University of Maryland, Eastern Shore – $41,900

8. Howard University – $41,700

9. Morgan State University – $41,500

10. Southern University and A&M College – $41,400


These starting salaries are pretty on-par with the national average of $45,327 and with lower tuitions than the average school, may be the best ROI for a young black student.

Yet, we should also look at how many individuals from “mainstream” institutions, with identical qualifications may be chosen over an HBCU graduate, for being seen as better able to¬†assimilate in the business world’s predominantly white culture. Stay tuned for later articles discussing this matter!