Why NOW Is The Best Time to Land A New Job

Contrary to popular belief, the summer is actually the BEST time to buckle down on your job search and land a great new gig. Why is that? While many dismiss job hunting in the summer, due to their own planned vacations or their belief that everyone that works in HR as well as the higher ranking individuals who make the actual hiring decisions are out on lavish vacations and away from their desks til the fall, that is actually not quite true.

Businesses have to proceed with their work and while individuals do vacation more during the summer months, it is usually for just a week. Hiring processes may move smaller as everyone may not always be in the office at once, but they are still moving and companies are still looking for new talent to fill open positions. Some even stock up on talent to prepare for big upcoming projects in the fall.

Here are a few other reasons to stay on the prowl for your next job while it’s still hot out.

1. Ease of Transition: Workloads do indeed slow down in the summer, thanks to vacations and just the general ebb and flow of the working world. That makes this the perfect time to start in a new position as you will have plenty of time to adjust to your new role and learn as much as possible to be fully prepared for when the tasks increase in volume and the deadlines start coming sooner.

2. Less Competition: Since many individuals are still convinced that there is no hope for landing a job in the summer, most tend to wait until the fall to start looking. This makes the candidate pool a lot smaller, giving you a better chance of sticking out among less competition.

3. Temp to Perm: A lot of companies stock up on temporary workers in the summer in anticipation of the fall’s heavy workloads. Joining a company as a temporary worker is a great way to get in the door and work your hardest to leave a great impression on your boss and fellow colleagues. This will help you when they are looking to hire permanent candidates as they will already be familiar with your work and personality, giving you an edge over outside candidates.

4. Networking: Summer is synonymous with a spiked increase in social activities, whether they be barbecues, festivals, brunches or cocktail networking receptions. Use this time to meet new people, network and add new amazing individuals to your inner circle; you never know who may be your next colleague or boss!