Woman Finds Unique Way to Make Blankets – Sells Them for Up to $900 Each

Want to create a new mind-blowing invention, but stuck on trying to figure out what can possibly be left to make? Look no further than Ukranian Anna Marinenko, to see that even the oldest of household items, the blanket, can always be reinvented.

We all know necessity is the best impetus for creativity and that was exactly the case when this young woman found herself with a bunch of unusually thick Merino wool last year. Realizing none of her knitting needles could handle the wool, she began using her own arms as needles, creating 3-inch thick stitches and a revamped, extra snuggly version of ¬†your grandma’s knitted blanket.

Her pieces, which include blankets, scarves, pet beds and custom-made pieces, are available on Etsy and she has even started a Kickstarter (she made 10x the original $20,000 goal!) to take her brand to the next level. The crazy outpour of support she’s received goes to show you sometimes a creative tweak to an old classic is all you need to start a brand and take over the world.

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