Women Patents Phrase ‘Bye Felicia” And Sues 105 Companies

Felicia James of Los Angeles, California stands to make upwards of $25 million thanks to a phrase made popular by the Friday movie series – BYE FELICIA. No, I am not playing.

While we have all said it in fun and in jest around friends, James filed for a patent on the phrase nearly seven years ago and claims to have been using it for business purposes for the last 15 years. Once she realized the phrase was not owned by anyone, she jumped on the opportunity and has owned it for commercial purposes for the past year.

After sending out over 1,000 cease and desist letters to over 105 companies who use the phrase on everything from t-shirts to posters, and being ignored, she has now filed lawsuits against them all. Since she legally owns the phrase, she will more than likely win every single one of the suits.

If you’re looking for me, you can find me filing a lawsuit for  “…you ain’t got to lie Craig” and any other big movie catchphrase I can think of.