Working Here Can Pay Off $60,000 of Your Student Loan Debt

If you have recently considered any of the following at least once a month whenever Sallie Mae or any of her goons terrorize you for payments, you are not alone.

  • Stripping
  • Escorting
  • Donating non-vital (or vital) organs
  • Giving blood
  • Becoming a lifelong sperm/egg donor
  • Taking a job at Sallie Mae just to delete your file
  • Blowing up headquarters to eliminate all files and become an international hero

Yet, there may actually be something easier than all of these options that you can do – get a job with the government (actually…a few of those options may be easier than certain government jobs, but that’s a whole other story).

The government will make payments to your loan holder of up to $10,00 per year for each year you are employed by a federal agency under the Federal Student Loan Repayment program, up to $60,000.

Many are not aware of this option, yet in 2013, federal agencies provided 7,300 employees with almost $53 million in student loan repayment. The one catch? You have to remain at the agency for at least three years. The top four agencies that participate in this program the most are the Department of Justice, Defense, State and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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