Would You Look This Crazy…To Feel This Good?!?

I have a confession.

For the past 26 years, I have suffered with the most annoying fake disease in the world…WSNS (Weak Sleep Neck Syndrome). Don’t laugh.

Anyone who has rode in a plane, train or automobile with me, knows that it is impossible for me to stay awake in a moving vessel AND that once I do fall asleep, my neck decides to get lazy and just let my head free fall until I do that violent “wake up embarrassed” jerk and then look around to see who saw it. YES…the struggle is real.

And then God answered my prayers, but in the worst way. A couple of guys in Finland have created the Relax Ally, a contraption that is a sleep mask and head supporter all in one. You simply strap the horrible looking thing on your head and attach it to your seat back and rest assured knowing that if your head doesn’t way more than the seat back can support, in theory, you’ll be good.

Of course my first thought was, God forbid you don’t strap this thing on right and you slip out mid REM cycle…GUARANTEED WHIPLASH.

Would you drop $30 on this to get some good sleep and ensure that you’ll never meet your soulmate on a cross-country flight?