You Don’t Know Who Eroni Kumana Is…But You Really Should

RIP to Eroni Kumana, who even I am ashamed to say I did not know of until yesterday. He passed last night at the age of 93 and in honor of him, we are sharing his legacy with you all so that he may be remembered for his amazing contribution to this country.

In 1943, when Kumana was a 22 year old fisherman, he noticed a young US Naval Lieutenant stranded out at sea in his native home of the Solomon Islands. That navy man grew up to become the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy.

He and his crew had been on patrol when a Japanese ship rammed into them, cracking their boat in half. Kumana happened to be out on a canoe that day and gave the Americans food and went back to shore to get help with the actual word “help” etched into a coconut for any English speaking navy men he could find.

Kumana ended up saving all 10 of the men and after JFK was elected, he used that same coconut in his office as a paperweight.

This goes to show you that you really should treat all strangers with the utmost respect, as you really never know who you may be talking to.