Young Man Handing Out Resumes With Best Sign Ever Shows What Ambition Really Means

A recent photo of a young black man has gone viral…and for all the right reasons.

Graduate of Roosevelt University, James Humphries of Chicago was photographed standing on the street, dressed for a job interview with resumes in his hand for anyone who will take one and a sign that read ““Not homeless but hungry…for succcess”.

His initiative, bravery and passion┬ápaid off as Chicago WGN Channel 9 News decided to not only cover his story, but find 3 employers so impressed with his drive that they all offered him interviews with their companies. Any of these 3, or many other employers would be crazy to pass up on this man – just one listen to how he speaks about his career ambitions and his passion and upbeat demeanor are not only evident but contagious.

Check out his appearance on the news below and always remember that the best way to get something you’ve never had, is to do something you (and others) have never done.

Good luck James!

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